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Know Your Biomarker

Learn about biomarkers, colorectal cancer biomarker testing, how biomarkers impact cancer treatment, and why you need to know your biomarker.

Patient Stories

Patients and survivors are sharing their stories about colorectal cancer and biomarker testing.

Clinical Trials

Tell Your Colorectal Cancer and Biomarker Story

Colorectal cancer patients would like to hear from you about your experience with biomarker testing, what you learned from your results, and how it affected your treatment. Help us encourage all CRC patients to know their biomarker.


Colorectal Cancer Biomarkers

Biomarker Facts

What are biomarkers and how are they used in colorectal cancer? Learn about biomarkers, their role in personalized medicine, and their impact on your treatment.

Biomarker Overview and Treatment Table

Learn about different colorectal cancer biomarkers and how they affect your treatment options.

Circulating Tumor DNA (ctDNA)

Learn how ctDNA and liquid biopsy are used in your colorectal cancer biomarker testing, treatment response monitoring, and diagnosis of cancer recurrence.
Talk to your Care team

Questions for your healthcare team

Have you had biomarker testing? Do you know what your biomarkers mean for you, your colorectal cancer treatment, and your family? It is essential to talk to your medical team about biomarker testing and all the benefit that comes with knowing your biomarkers. We’ve put together a guide to help patients and caregivers with this important conversation.
  • Have I had biomarker testing? If yes, what are the results? If not, when will I have biomarker testing?
  • What biomarkers will I be tested for?
  • How does biomarker testing work? What is the procedure like? Are there any possible risks involved in the testing?
colorectal cancer patient speaking to oncologist
Clinical Trials

Colorectal Cancer Clinical Trials

Knowing your biomarker can connect you with clinical trials treating cancer just like yours. New targeted therapies are being developed, and you may benefit from participating in a clinical trial. Learn more about clinical trials and how they fit into your cancer care.

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Know Your Biomarker from the Global Colon Cancer Association

Know Your Biomarker is an awareness, education, and advocacy campaign offering patient educational materials about colorectal cancer biomarkers and advocacy tools to promote global access to testing.

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