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About Know Your Biomarker

Know Your Biomarker is an awareness, education, and advocacy campaign promoting global access to colorectal cancer (bowel cancer) biomarker testing.

Know Your Biomarker brings together:
  • Patient spokespeople to share their experiences with biomarker testing
  • Medically accurate patient educational materials in plain language
  • Adaptable educational and advocacy resources
We have a growing group of colorectal cancer (CRC) survivors who are sharing their experiences with biomarker testing, how it has affected them and their families, and how it has impacted their treatment options. Join us and share your biomarker story. Know Your Biomarker participates in global events to increase awareness of the importance of colorectal cancer biomarkers, such as World Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Day.

Know Your Biomarker offers patient-friendly educational materials directly to patients and caregivers. We encourage and provide resources to support conversations between patients and their healthcare teams about biomarkers and biomarker testing.

We are partnering with NGOs worldwide to bring the Know Your Biomarker campaign to their communities. Our adaptable resources can be used by member organizations to help colorectal cancer patients in their region learn about and gain access to biomarker testing without having to build their own campaigns. Our patient educational materials can be translated for global use. Patient advocacy tools can be used by existing CRC organizations to increase access to and coverage of biomarker testing in their region, or help people without an organization bring advocacy to their community.

About Global Colon Cancer Association

The Global Colon Cancer Association (GCCA) fights for equal access to quality colorectal cancer screening, testing, and medical treatments because where you live should not determine whether you can prevent or survive colorectal cancer. This goal is achieved through advocacy, education, and patient-centered policy.

GCCA partners with more than 100 member organizations around the world and supports the creation of advocacy groups in developing areas with no colorectal cancer organizations.

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