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Talk to Your Healthcare Team

If you have colorectal (bowel) cancer, you should talk to your doctor or healthcare team about biomarker testing.

Biomarker testing, and the knowledge it provides, can affect treatment decisions for you, matching you with targeted therapies that could treat your specific subtype of colorectal cancer. Biomarker testing can be used to evaluate your response to treatment, and to monitor you for cancer recurrence after therapy. Knowing your biomarkers can even help identify clinical trials of new treatments and drug combinations being developed for your specific subtype of colorectal cancer.

It is so important to talk to your oncology healthcare team about biomarkers. We've put together a guide to help patients and caregivers start this conversation.

Print copies of the guide for yourself and for your care partners to follow along, bring a pen, and talk to your healthcare team about your colorectal cancer biomarkers.
    colorectal cancer patient speaking to oncologist