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Know Your Biomarker is an awareness, education, and advocacy campaign fighting for global access to colorectal (bowel) cancer biomarker testing. Through the Know Your Biomarker program, the Global Colon Cancer Association advocates for biomarker testing for all colorectal cancer patients, because where you live should not determine whether you can survive colorectal cancer. 

In 2022, the Global Colon Cancer Association conducted an international survey among colorectal cancer patients and survivors. The aim of the survey was to shed light on patients’ involvement in their treatment plans including colorectal cancer biomarker testing. Nearly 100 respondents in 15 different countries shared their experiences.

When asked how the results of biomarker testing were discussed with them, 32% of respondents said they did not understand the treatment impact of their results, 7% reported that they were not informed of their results, and 18% of participants were unsure if biomarker testing had been performed.

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Become a Biomarker Testing Advocate

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Biomarker Toolkit

In the toolkit, you’ll find focused colorectal cancer biomarker education to get you started, a sample position statement, sample letters to policymakers, letter writing tips, and lessons from patient advocacy experts.

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Educational Materials

Request Know Your Biomarker colorectal cancer biomarker patient educational materials to share in your healthcare practice or community.

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GCCA in Brazil

The Global Colon Cancer Association partners with Instituto Oncoguia and Todos Juntos Contra O Câncer to advocate for colorectal cancer biomarker testing access and equity in Brazil.

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Reducing Barriers

Globally, there are many barriers to colorectal cancer biomarker testing. Learn more about these challenges and how advocates can help.